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SPMS’s participation in the European action QUANTUM strengthens national implementation of EEDS – SPMS

As part of the national implementation of the European Health Data Space (EEDS), SPMS announces its participation in the European action QUANTUM: “Quality, Utility and Maturity Measured; Developing a Data Quality and Utility Label for HealthData@EU”. Funded by the Horizon Europe program, this action will provide European Union Member States with a standardized tool for labeling health datasets.

In this action, SPMS takes an active role in shaping recommendations for the design and implementation of the QUANTUM label, ensuring alignment between national and European developments from the outset. The label is the mandatory basis for the quality and utility of datasets, as envisaged in the EEDS regulation proposal (Article 56) for the exchange of health data for secondary use (via HealthData@EU).

SPMS participates in working groups dedicated to conceptualizing, designing, and implementing the label, leads the project evaluation, and co-leads the task related to the transfer and sustainability of this label.

Advancements in this area will accelerate the national implementation of EEDS and realize the potential of secondary use of health data to improve healthcare outcomes for citizens and strengthen the National Health Service (SNS).

Through QUANTUM, transparency between data holders and users will increase, allowing researchers, policymakers, and innovators to more easily find relevant and high-quality data for their projects. Moreover, it will drive the secondary use of health data and promote improvements in data quality management to enhance overall data quality and unleash the potential of health data for medical research and innovation.

The QUANTUM action is coordinated by the Instituto Aragones de Ciencias de la Salud (IACS). Its consortium brings together the expertise of 35 participants from European research infrastructures.

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