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SPMS participates in the European initiative to improve the secondary use of health data – SPMS

As part of the implementation of the European Health Data Space (EHDS), SPMS is participating in the joint action TEHDAS2 – “Second Joint Action Towards the European Health Data Space”, a project co-funded by the European Commission, which aims to establish guidelines and technical specifications that will be common to all European Union Member States for the implementation of a robust digital infrastructure for the secondary use of health data (EHDS2) for research, medical innovation, and health regulation purposes.

The TEHDAS2 project will play a key role in harmonizing the technological requirements necessary for EHDS2. With a special focus on improving data discovery and quality, this action also seeks to mitigate the fragmentation of health data at national and European levels, ensuring safe processing environments for data sharing. Moreover, one of the main objectives of this action is to strengthen the role of citizens in EHDS2, enhancing their control over the health data they share.

SPMS’s participation in working groups dedicated to improving data discovery, operationalizing data access, and specifying secure processing environments will align the development of the national digital infrastructure for secondary data use with the standards established by the EU.

As a result of its participation, SPMS will contribute to accelerating the secondary use of health data at national and European levels. The goal is not only to improve the quality of healthcare provided to citizens and clinical decisions but also to strengthen public health monitoring, aiming to achieve better health outcomes for citizens and strengthen the National Health Service (NHS).

The project TEHDAS2, which began on May 1 and will last for 32 months, is coordinated by Sitra – “The Finnish Innovation Fund” and brings together 68 organizations from 30 European countries.

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